Our Rehab Specialists are available to participate in the wheelchair evaluation along with the client’s clinicians. They can be scheduled in the Evaluation Room at our Facility or at a clinical setting at any Hospital or Rehab Center.

Ari David Tamari

Our staff Rehab Specialist, Ari David Tamari, is a licensed therapist as well as an ATP (RESNA Certification). With over twenty years of experience, Ari is an excellent resource to both our clients and their clinicians.

He has a unique perspective and advantage in his role now as a provider. Ari can assist not only in conceptualizing the most ideal intervention, but in developing medical documentation.

Certified Service Department

DMR Services what we sell and we do it with the best trained Technicians in South Florida! No other provider allocates more resources towards the training and continuing education of its Technicians. With full diagnostic capabilities and a large PARTS inventory, chances are we can fix it while you wait. No one minds waiting in our comfortable Lobby while watching a movie on our wide screen TV and enjoying complimentary refreshments at The DMR Bistro.

Concierge Service

We can help provide transportation from the Airport directly to DMR and then to your hotel. We can assist with Accessible Accommodations, doctor’s appointments, dining, shopping and sightseeing. DMR offers on site clinical evaluations, recommendations and the fastest delivery times. DMR often has exactly what you want and need right on our Show Room floor or we can have it custom built and shipped faster than anyone. You can choose to take your power wheelchair purchase with you or have DMR deliver to your hotel or Freight Forwarder at no additional charge. Upon request, we can dispatch a Technician anywhere in the world as soon as our client’s schedules permit.

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