• Medicare (Non-Participating Provider)
  • Medicaid & MedWaiver
  • Children’s Medical Services
  • Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Program
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Service

Private Sector

  • Provider Service Networks
  • Worker’s Comp. PPO (out of network)
  • HMO (out of network)
  • Clinicians may call in or fax referrals

Clinicians and Payors

DMR welcomes the opportunity to be a dependable cost-effective partner in the on-going seating and mobility needs of your clients/insured. We add value by compliance and cooperation of the client/patient based on total satisfaction. Unlimited options based on a team approach evaluation followed by innovative recommendations. All Prior Authorizations will be accompanied by full medical justifications. DMR guarantees satisfaction and will within prescriptive parameters continue to work at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE until the client/patient is satisfied.

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