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  • Seating & Mobility

    Seating & Mobility

    Seating & Mobility

    DMR specializes in CUSTOM Wheelchairs and GUARANTEES that no other provider can deliver a higher Quality base and a better fitting seating system. We use a “Full Team” approach evaluation backed by a highly trained staff and tools such as real time pressure mapping to make certain each seating is appropriate. DMR has thousands of satisfied repeat clients to prove it.

    DMR can make possible what may seem impossible to others!

  • Urological Supplies

    Urological Supplies


    Our goal is to eliminate the HASSLES involved in obtaining and refilling your prescription for your medically necessary supplies each month. Just ask your Physician to fax us your Rx and DMR will do the rest. From that moment on we will contact your Physician for all renewal prescriptions and obtain any necessary medical documentation required by insurance. DMR will also contact you each month prior to shipping your supplies.

    “Your Supplies On Time, Every Time.” SAME DAY DELIVERY, Available upon request.

  • Rehab Equipment

    Rehab Equipment

    Rehab Equipment

    True to our word, DMR is “More than Mobility, We’re Possibilities”. DMR carries a full line of Rehabilitative Equipment that not only promotes better health, but improves Quality of Life! Patient Lifts for safe transfers, Support Surfaces for pressure reduction and a good night’s rest, Standers for improved organ function and bone density, Pool Lifts and BEACH Wheelchairs for recreation activities.

  • Home Modifications

    Home Modifications

    Home Modification DMR realizes that a safe and accessible environment is essential for the disabled population as well as their caregivers. We have created a unique organization blending the skills of a licensed contractor with the understanding and compassion of the leading healthcare provider.
  • Vehicle Modifications

    Vehicle Modifications

    Vehicle Modifications

    As an Assistive Technology Provider, DMR specializes in your independence. Offering a range of adaptive mobility aids such as; hand controls, transfer seat bases, lifts and ramps for cars, mini and full sized vans.

  • Pool Lifts

    Pool Lifts

    Pool Lifts

    DMR provides both Removeable Lifts with permanently mounted bases as well as fully Portable units.  Pool units are battery powered to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADAAG) and have a lifting capacity of 350 pounds.  All lifts are installed and serviced by certified technicians.

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Welcome to DMR

Did you know? That in thirty (30) years, DMR has not produced two (2) identical wheelchairs. Each of our CUSTOM Wheelchairs is as unique as each of our nearly twelve thousand (12,000) clients. Our personalized one on one service allows us to get to know each client and what they want to accomplish with their CUSTOM Wheelchair.

This in turn allows us to conceptualize, create and provide the most appropriate CUSTOM Wheelchair to each of our valued clients. However, that's not the most important thing we provide. DMR believes that the most important thing we provide our clients with is the POSSIBILITIES that appropriate seating and mobility offers.

As South Florida's premier provider of CUSTOM Wheelchairs, Rehab Equipment & UROLOGICAL Supplies, no one boasts a more impressive clientele list. DMR hosts clients from all over the world here in Miami or we can travel any where in the world. We are the only provider in Miami to have a Therapist on staff who is also an ATP (RESNA Certification).